Montalin Capsule




Montalin Capsule :

The result of this pain in the joints and in the muscles is often inflammation.
The symptoms of this condition closely resemble those of viral flu and sometimes
those of arthritis.As the muscle joint pain becomes more and more intense, the affected tissues
seem to get more tender.

Drinking rule of Capsules Montalin :

2 capsules once a day for those who are still relatively mild disease, and 1 capsule daily for prevention. But you need to know, taking drugs and vitamin indirectly can cure your disease.

Composition: montalin herbs :

Phyllantnus Urinalialinn: 10%
Sonchus Arvesisi: 10%
And others – others up: 100%

Centella Asiatica: 35%
Glaziosa Superbal: 25%
Minosa Pudical: 15%

Package Contents :

1 Box = 10 Sachet, 1 sachet of 4 capsules
Magelang – INDONESIA

Montalin Capsules Price : 3000/-


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