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MontaliN Salep Cream




Montalin Salep Cream in Pakistan

Cream ointment for joint pain MontaliN Salep (50 g)
Packing options Ointment 50 g
Package Weight 0.05 kg
Purpose Strengthening joints and ligaments
Type Ointment
Brand PJ.Air Madu
MontaliN Salep Ointment – to relieve pain, neuralgia, arthrosis of the joints with myositis of the foot, sciatica.

Montalin Joint Ointment is clinically proven to help with conditions such as:
hyroma,sciatica,dysplasia,dorsopathy,radiculitis,kyphosis,goutchondrosis, swelling and pain in the joints, back pain.

Montalin Salep cream Price In Pakistan

Olami Abat Extract - Reduces Pain and Repairs.

Turpentine (turpentine tree) is a truly wonderful natural medicine. Ginger Oil – Massaging ginger oil into joints helps in treating arthritis and arthrosis


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